Who is CameronF305?

CameronF305 by Woon

Art by Woongsioni

CameronF305 is an American musician, composer, producer, and content creator with professional experience in several industries. Since his start on YouTube, Cameron has had a strong passion and drive to do what he loves. He is genre-versatile and can make music ranging from soft, calming soundtracks to hip-hop. Cameron is known to have a fast and driven work ethic and is flexible with his schedule and prices depending on deadlines and budget. Past work of his includes being the lead composer, producer, and production assistant for Yandere Simulator, where he made countless adaptive soundtracks, sound effects, and sound design work for the project. Most of the music on the project came from Cameron! He also has produced for several independent musicians in need of a composer/producer, where he made instrumentals ranging from rock and classical to pop and rap. Feel free to contact Cameron if you have any questions or would like to commission him!


In February of 2015, CameronF305 uploaded his first video to YouTube at a young age. That video now-deleted video was a domino effect into what would become his future. To this day, he does his best to upload a variety of content ranging from music to gaming and commentary. With every game that he played or topic that he covered he found inspiration to create with it, eventually finding video game soundtracks.

CameronF305 by OMGAyano

Art by OMGAyano


Interested in working with Cameron? Have any questions for him? Click here to get in contact with him.